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Digital Workplace & CX Technology

A new hybrid collaboration experience

We design, develop, implement and maintain the technologies on which communications are based in your organization's workspace (on-site and remote).

We facilitate your company's connectivity through digital collaboration solutions that allow teams to communicate without borders, while providing the technological tools for your organization to offer an exceptional customer experience.

Digital workplace

Today's workspaces are digital. Every site in the organization's facilities must have functional, attractive, current and integrated solutions to foster engagement and drive creativity and productivity.

Customer experience technology

The links between a company and its users are part of the customer experience (CX).

The organization must present itself on the digital channels that its audiences use, as well as combine its interactions with advanced and intelligent mechanisms that allow it to manage perception and satisfaction.


digital workplace

What can we do for you?

Unified communications and collaboration

To work collaboratively, it is key that teams use tools that promote this modality and that they interact through unified communication channels, regardless of whether they are traveling to the office, at home, at an event or in a meeting.

We provide platforms that integrate various communication channels (voice, video and chat, among others) and can be installed on-site or in the cloud. Users can communicate through dedicated devices or using their personal devices.

In this area we offer:

  • VoIP systems.
  • Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS).
  • Multichannel collaboration platforms (voice, video, chat).
  • Hybrid communications systems (cloud and on premises).
  • Platforms with mobility and BYOD (bring your own device) support.
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams Phone System.


Audio and video systems

We integrate audio and video systems for meeting rooms, collaborative workspaces and buildings. We work with the leading brands in the professional audio and video market.

We develop turnkey projects for small and medium-sized meeting rooms, boardrooms, auditoriums, training spaces, classrooms, collaborative and idea generation spaces, among others.

Our solutions are natively integrated with the most popular platforms, such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

In addition, we integrate control systems that allow, in an intelligent way, to control and automate spaces with lighting, blinds and ambience solutions.

In this area we offer:

  • Complete video collaboration and videoconferencing solutions.
  • Professional and interactive displays.
  • Distributed audio systems.
  • Microphone systems.
  • Audio and video over IP (AVoIP).



The new corporate communications systems and workspace schemes demand dedicated and specialized devices for each application.

We provide equipment and devices that are constantly evolving within the leading brands in the market.

In this area we offer:

  • Terminals for VoIP systems.
  • Business or contact center headsets.
  • Webcams and personal audio devices.
  • Adapters and gateways for IP communications.


Omnichannel contact center

We provide support to the most traditional means (telephone contact and e-mail) and digital channels (social networks and instant messaging). We help manage contacts in a unified, intelligent and intuitive way.

We have flexible consumption systems from the cloud (CCaaS), which only require an internet connection and a computer. Likewise, we install platforms on site (on premises).

We integrate chatbots and voicebots, which provide information, record transactions and interact with business processes, among others, without the intervention of an agent.

Our platforms monitor performance indicators in real time, present historical data and integrate with the main management systems (CRM, ERP, databases, etc.).

All interactions are recorded in the systems, including the user's screen. This way, you have detailed information and an avenue for auditing and quality control tools.

Within this area we offer:

  • Omnichannel contact center systems.
  • Contact center as a service (CCaaS).
  • Integration of the contact center with external systems.
  • Automation of interactions through chatbots and voicebots.
  • Gamification for the contact center.
  • Speech, text and video analytics.
  • Omnichannel recording.


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