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Infrastructure & Data Center

A secure investment

The quality of the cabling and data center infrastructure has become the pillar that supports organizations' investments in information technology and communications.

We provide structured cabling, secure energy and data center solutions, from the design stage to installation, certification and validation.

We rely on top brands in the industry and provide warranties for the life of the installations.


What can we do for you?


Data center design and implementation

We apply design and implementation criteria for data centers based on international standards, both with classic and modular architectures.

Through strategic alliances we work for all areas, including civil works, energy, environmental conditioning, cabling, networking, racks and servers, among others.


structured cabling

Copper and fiber structured cabling, with factory certification

We design, implement and validate structured cabling systems, strictly following international TIA standards (including recommendations 568, 569, 606 and other applicable ones).

As a differential, we have Green products, which allow us to qualify in LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) projects, a certification program for green buildings.


Secure Power Systems (UPS)

We offer solutions that protect equipment and people from electrical network problems, such as blackouts, overvoltage, undervoltage, harmonics, spurious, etc., according to the characteristics of your company.


cctv camera

Physical security (access control, alarms and CCTV)

We have physical security products and solutions.

We work with intelligent access control systems (both traditional and biometric) for people and vehicles, video surveillance systems that include real-time video analytics and integration with alarm and fire detection systems. 


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