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Networking & Security

Secure and reliable networks

Technology is key for organizations. The networks that connect devices and systems must guarantee their operation: they must be stable, functional, secure and with a high level of performance.

To this end, we develop next-generation connectivity solutions, with security as a fundamental pillar, together with enterprise-class partners.


We design connectivity projects, with unified management, for wired and wireless networks. We use the latest technologies and have a network of experienced professionals, which guarantees the reliability of the projects.


We address information security in all its dimensions, from consulting, auditing and training to the deployment of equipment, prevention systems and detection of cyber-attacks.

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Enterprise-class WiFi networks

The performance of a wireless network depends on the criteria applied at the design stage. We build each project to measure, with professional tools and experts trained in wireless network planning.

In order to certify the proper functioning of the network after implementation, we perform consulting and analysis on existing networks. In addition, we carry out connectivity diagnostics and speed tests at the physical and application layer.



Access, core and data center networks

Our networking projects are based on three pillars:

Software-defined networks

We design connectivity projects whose networks are programmed with high-level software and it is no longer necessary to configure the equipment one by one by command line.


The network configuration is based on dynamic assignment of roles and permissions per user. We integrate the network with the organizations' authentication servers to assign permissions according to user groups.

Proactive monitoring

We install active network monitoring tools, which allow us to detect malfunctions and congestion problems before users do.



Wireless connectivity design for remote sites

To provide connectivity to remote sites, we offer microwave and cellular wireless solutions. We plan and install radio links for both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint systems.

In turn, we design and implement cellular connectivity projects for points that cannot be reached with microwaves.



Information security consulting and advisory services

We help you build an information security management system to preserve its confidentiality, integrity and availability.

We have certified technicians in information management systems UNIT-ISO/IEC 27000.


Awareness programmes and phishing campaigns

We create programs to sensitize and train your teams in good information security practices.


Vulnerability and threat analysis

We install and configure tools that allow you to constantly monitor the vulnerabilities of your systems.

The technologies we implement automatically classify vulnerabilities and provide solutions to mitigate them. In this way, the work of the administrators is decompressed, who will only execute the priority tasks.



Design and implementation of cyber-security infrastructure at all layers

In order to detect and mitigate network threats, we design and install security solutions both in the internal network and at the perimeter. These include, among others, VPN for collaborators and remote work, network firewalls and IPS. We implement solutions for access control to the internal network, with NAC and 802.1x authentication servers.



Authentication, biometrics and fraud prevention

To ensure unambiguous user authentication, we help you implement multi-factor authentication solutions, such as facial or voice biometrics.

In addition, we implement fraud prevention projects with artificial intelligence for computer systems.



Auditing, management and control of mobile devices

The bring your own device (BYOD) concept has pushed organizations to manage their employees' mobile devices.

Our solutions allow the blocking of functionalities, management of telephony expenses, massive installation of applications and the configuration of geolocation alerts, among others.


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