Unified communications and contact centre

We design, develop, implement and maintain the technologies that underpin communications in your organisation's workspace (face-to-face and remote).

We facilitate your company's connectivity and collaborative work, both in the cloud and on-site.

Unified communications

Unified Communications (UC) allows your team to communicate and collaborate at all times by voice, video or text with each other, your customers, suppliers or other key business stakeholders. Through comprehensive cloud-based platforms (UCaaS) or on-premise systems, your organisation will be able to communicate continuously, securely and flexibly.

Contact centre

Contact centres (CC) provide an omni-channel management system for your customer interactions. They connect your users with your best resource, within a holistic view of calls, emails, instant messages, social media or any other type of communication. The combination of flexible consumer CC services in the cloud (CCaaS) or on-premise end-to-end systems, together with automation tools (such as chatbots and voicebots), creates the perfect scenario to deliver the best customer experience.

What we can do for you

  • Unified communications and collaboration
  • Cloud and on-site contact centre, integrated with voicebots and chatbots
  • Audio/video systems for rooms and collaborative workspaces
  • Cloud-based collaboration platforms Multimedia recording of communications
  • Speech and text analytics
  • Devices for UC, CC and collaboration in the modern workspace

Networking and security

Technology is key for organisations.

The networks connecting devices and systems must guarantee their operation: they must be stable, functionally secure and with a high level of performance.

To this end, we develop connectivity and cybersecurity solutions. Our technology partners are enterprise-class.


We design connectivity projects, with unified management, for wired and wireless networks. We use the latest technologies and have a network of experienced professionals, which guarantees the reliability of the projects.


We offer a comprehensive view of information security at all layers, from consulting, auditing and training to the deployment of equipment and systems for the prevention and detection of cyber-attacks.

What we can do for you

  • WIFI network design and implementation
  • LAN design and implementation
  • Wireless and wired network analysis and monitoring
  • Routing and switching in access, core and datacenter networks
  • Information security management systems consultancy and advisory services
  • Awareness programmes and phishing campaigns
  • Vulnerability and threat analysis
  • Design and implementation of cyber-security infrastructure at all layers
alcatel-lucent cabling infrastructure

Infrastructure and data centre

We offer structured cabling, secure energy and data centre solutions. We advise on design, installation, certification and validation.

We work with leading brands and qualified professionals.

What we can do for you

  • Data centre design
  • Copper and fibre optic structured cabling
  • Uninterruptible power systems
  • Access control, CCTV and porter's lodge
  • Video analytics

Business applications

We use software that optimises your business processes and incorporates artificial intelligence and control, to quickly analyse information and maximise performance.

We facilitate the design and implementation of complex solutions that integrate multiple platforms.

What we can do for you

  • Business intelligence (BI)
  • Robotic process automation (RPA)
  • Integrations with biometrics and artificial intelligence techniques
  • Integrations with various platforms, such as payment gateways, scheduling and digital identification
5G smart cities

Telco and smart cities

We are a reliable partner of telecom operators and service providers.

We select, implement, integrate and support the best technological solutions for our clients to add value to their customers through innovative and efficient services.

We understand our role as a bridge between local governments and public service providers and citizens to build connected and sustainable societies.

We design processes and infrastructure to transform the way people inhabit and experience their city.

What we can do for you

Video technologies

  • Encoder & transcoder
  • Origin & CDN
  • Player & DRM
  • Set top boxes

Telecommunications applications

  • Management of residential devices
  • Corporate device management
  • OSS/BSS integrations
  • Network management and optimisation
  • Monitoring and analytics solutions
  • OTT platforms

Transport and core network

  • PTP & NTP synchronisation for telcos and utilities
  • DWDM and MPLS networks
  • Industrial switches and routers

Access technology

  • Mesh WiFi
  • 3G & LTE & 5G CPEs
  • Repeaters and e-Relays
  • SD-WAN

Access infrastructure

  • FTTH cables and accessories
  • Cables and accessories OPGW & ADSS

Technologies for a smart city

  • Electricity, gas and water smart metering systems
  • Smart parking
  • Electronic ticketing system for urban transport
  • LED luminaires with intelligent control
  • Vehicle and animal tracking