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Veterinary Faculty opens new headquarters with full connectivity

A project for the University of the Republic in which we participated together with Stiler.
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Part of the new headquarters of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of the Republic (Udelar) was inaugurated. After 18 months of work, together with and Stiler installed the infrastructure that ensures the connectivity of the campus. 

Located on Route 102, the site has 15 buildings spread over 12 hectares. More than 350 workers were involved in the work, the second stage of which was carried out by the Uruguayan construction company. 

A megaproject with impact

We work in 11 buildings: administration, research, classroom, complementary support services, general services, small animals, large animals, imaging, meat and milk, guardhouses and biotherium (the latter is still under construction). 

Thanks to a network based on state-of-the-art technology equipment, around 6,000 people (students and staff) will enjoy excellent connection quality within the campus. The solution covers the 20,000 square metres of the complex, so a student can be in any area and connect to the internet without difficulty. 

It is also a radical departure from the previous experience. At the headquarters located on Alberto Lasplaces street, the Veterinary Faculty did not have an official wifi solution, but individual devices scattered around the complex and routers used by administrative staff. 

Final connectivity? Twice as much as expected 

In terms of technical aspects and equipment, the Furukawa brand was our partner in this great challenge. The company recognised our work at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine as the most outstanding cabling project in the country at the Kick Off Connections 2021 event.  

The connectivity solution has twice as much bandwidth as initially expected. We installed stacked switches in each rack in the complex, which simplifies day-to-day management. 

What infrastructure do we provide?

  • Structured cabling network comprised of 2126 fibre-optic ring and outlets, customised and made to order in the factory. MPO trunks were used for the latter.  
  • Unified LAN and WLAN solution from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise
  • 63 high-capacity switches.
  • Wifi and controller, with 80 access points. 
  • Wifi coverage of 20,000 square metres. 
  • Ring link redundancy with 20 GB transmission speed in all directions. 
  • Perimeter fibre to service the perimeter cameras of the CCTV system. 

The team: the key to success 

For us, the project involved around 20 people. Among them were divided the tasks of project management, infrastructure design (copper and fibre cabling, racks and UPS), implementation of infrastructure design, LAN-WLAN network design (with dimensioning of switches, access points and controllers) and LAN-WLAN implementation, among others. 

The team highlighted the dimensions of the challenge, the value of their work (solving the daily connectivity for those studying at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine), having overcome the difficulties (with a pandemic in the middle), as well as meeting (and in some points exceeding) the expectations of both Udelar and the construction company. 

The inauguration of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

The new space was presented to the world in November 2021. The official inauguration event was attended by authorities from the University of the Republic, the Presidency and the Municipality of Montevideo.



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