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Prosegur Cash applies technology in its mailboxes to automate processes

In collaboration with our partner Teldat, we provided cellular connectivity to more than 1,000 Prosegur smart mailboxes throughout the country.
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We worked with the multinational security services company to facilitate and modernize the management of its mailboxes throughout Uruguay.

More than 40 years of history

Prosegur is a company specialized in private security. Founded in Spain in 1976, today it is present in 31 countries and employs more than 150,000 people.

In Uruguay, Prosegur offers solutions for individuals, SMEs and large companies. Among other services, it provides alarm systems, video surveillance, cash in transit, cash management and security for events.

Its pillars are innovation, team and customer orientation.

The challenge and the project

Around 2013, the company began a process to replace some of its mailbox boxes with smart mailboxes, distributed throughout the country. A change of this type requires the equipment to be permanently connected to the Prosegur network and its management systems.

Thus, Isbel worked with our partner Teldat to offer Prosegur a connectivity solution based on cellular technology. Through the implementation of routers that connect to the networks of the country's mobile operators, the project provides connectivity autonomy to the mailboxes, even in remote locations or for those that change their location frequently. This allows them to dispense with wired infrastructure such as fiber optics to maintain connectivity.

What is the impact of this solution?

According to Ruben Gonzalez, head of Prosegur's Cash Today Technical and Support Department: "Through these routers we have remote access to the machines to give them support and also have communication with all the transactions made on the device".

This works for both software and hardware: "If there is a jam, we can see where it is and guide the customer to fix it on the spot, as well as manage a reboot of the machine remotely. This avoids the need for a person to go to the site to check the equipment. According to González, one in four IT incidents can be solved remotely, so the cellular connectivity of the mailboxes substantially improves service availability times and reduces maintenance costs.

In turn, these mailboxes improve response times to customers and offer a better quality of service: "Before, you had a box where the money that was stored was pending validation; today, that money is validated in real time thanks to the connectivity provided by the router and is instantly credited to the customer's bank account," said González.

With this new modality, users no longer have to wait until the next banking business day to see their deposits reflected. In addition, it provides physical security and avoids the circulation of cash and other valuables, since, for the customer, they become the responsibility of Prosegur Cash from the moment they are deposited in the smart mailbox.

From left to right: Ruben González, head of Prosegur's Technical Department and Cash Today Support, Lucía Donnangelo, Isbel's Key Account Manager and Alejandro Draper, Isbel's Product Line Manager of Networking & Security.

A decade-long bond

During a 10-year business relationship with Isbel, Prosegur Cash has incorporated more than 1040 smart mailboxes. According to González, the project will continue to grow to complete the migration from cash boxes to smart mailboxes.

It is a bond based on trust and problem solving, with the support of a technical team committed to the client and the solution, as well as a focus on logistical and commercial aspects.



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