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Telco Technologies

An ally for telcos and utilities

We are a reliable technology partner for telecommunications operators and electric utilities. We know their technological needs and support them in their infrastructure and business transformation.

We actively participate in the search for technological solutions that generate efficiency in your operations and business. We have an engineering team specialized in implementations and technical support for large and highly critical projects.

What can we do for you?



  • Management of residential devices.
  • Management of corporate devices.
  • OSS/BSS integrations.
  • Network management and optimization.
  • Monitoring and analytics solutions.
  • OTT platforms
    • Encoding.
    • Transcoding.
    • Origin.
    • CDN.
    • Billing.
    • DRM.
  • FTTH Solutions
    • Transport cable and drop cable.
    • Junction boxes, NAP boxes, distribution boxes.
    • Splitters.
    • GPON.
  • Wireless solutions
    • Wireless CPEs. LTE/5G
    • PtP/PtMP.
    • Small cells.
    • DAS.
    • RAN and Assurance optimization platforms.
  • Transportation solutions
    • DWDM.
    • MPLS.
    • Telecom synchronism.
  • Core and network solutions
    • Balancers.
    • SDWAN.
    • Number portability.
Electric factory

Electric utilities

  • Industrial Networking
    • DIN rail switches.
    • 19inch rack switches.
    • Dual SIM cellular modems and routers.
  • Power profile synchronism.
Private LTE-5G networks

Private LTE/5G networks

  • Business case assessment.
  • Implementation and support of private networks.

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