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Five tools for mobile offices

Digital tools for home and mobile offices
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The concept "mobile offices" refers to the set of technologies and work strategies that allow workers to remotely access the company's digital resources. They can perform their tasks both from home and on the move (such as street salesmen or outside sales). 

The use of these tools, essential for the home office, has increased since the pandemic and the adoption of more flexible working arrangements in organisations. 

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Five tools for mobile offices

Corporate platforms and data network 

A corporate platform is essential to keep the team connected. With a username and password, this tool allows access to a digital work environment from anywhere. 

A good data network allows employees to work on a fast, intuitive platform with the right infrastructure and interface. It should also have a firewall to provide greater security for customers and employees. 

Unified communications

There can be no effective mobility if telephony, chat, video and electronic messaging services do not work in an integrated way.

Smartphones and apps have made this task easier. Thanks to their use, we now have corporate unified communications that allow team members to interact seamlessly. 


The use of video conferencing software facilitates meetings between teams working off-site.  

Thus, what was one of the limitations of teleworking (meeting often) has been effectively solved by quasi-face-to-face conversations (audio and video). 

Remote monitoring

It has become common to use applications to remotely monitor telework. These applications can be used to analyse the time the employee was connected, the different digital resources accessed, among other functionalities. 

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

BYOD is the ability for employees to use their own devices (laptops, smartphones and tablets) to access the company's digital resources. Although it may not seem like it, it is vital for mobile offices because it allows workers to take company information to other spaces while working on their own devices, enhancing the work experience. 

Implementing the mobile office is within the reach of any company, and its benefits include reducing costs and optimising performance. 



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