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A growing partnership: With Nokia, we have added more than 70 projects in the region in less than three years 

We continue to strengthen our relationship with Nokia, the leading multinational telecommunications company.
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A relationship based on trust 

The relationship began in the 2010s, with a focus on Uruguay. Around the end of 2019, Nokia bet on us for the implementation of a DWDM network of an important client in Argentina. 

Around 2021, we had the opportunity to collaborate in the design of a network that allowed us to bring internet to remote communities in Peru, as well as in the integration of transport network equipment in a relevant telecommunications operator in Colombia. Since then, our role in projects led by Nokia began to grow. Today, we have carried out tasks in almost all of Latin America. 

What solutions emerge from this alliance? 

In Uruguay, the solutions we provide through Nokia include systemic integration (installation and commissioning of Nokia equipment, software and server upgrades) and local on-site support. 

For the region, in addition to systemic integration, we also provide managed services. These tasks include the entire IP network design cycle, as well as platforms, including project management, coordination and monitoring. 

Some outstanding projects 

Peru and the network that connects 1,700 remote locations 

Under Nokia's leadership, we participated in the architectural design of a massive fiber optic network that provides internet access to nearly one million residents in the Amazon and the Andes. The network extends over 7,500 kilometers and connects 1,700 localities in the departments of Ancash, Arequipa, La Libertad and San Martín in Peru. 

Thanks to this initiative, communities in places with difficult access to traditional solutions and critical services (such as health, education and police centers) are able to connect to the Internet. 

Mexico and one of the largest telecommunications companies 

Based on the experience gained in Peru, Nokia trusted us to design the architecture of a data transport network that runs north-south and east-west across Mexico for one of the most important telecommunications multinationals in the country.  

The project, whose implementation phase is nearing completion, ensures the fluidity of traffic transport for its more than 20 million customers in the territory, equivalent to almost one-sixth of the total population. 

Uruguay and the largest data network in the country 

For this initiative, we worked together on the design, implementation, expansion and support of the largest high-capacity transport network in the country, owned by one of the telecommunications companies with the largest market share in the national market. 

It is a high-capacity network, with different types of traffic and large transport volume. Its correct implementation and operation allows from home internet access (for example, a person watching a movie from home) to banking or financial institutions that manage their customers' data and transactions in the cloud. At the same time, it lays the foundations for the arrival of 5G in Uruguay. 

Panama and its 5G readiness 

Recently, we started working on the redesign of the network of a telecommunications operator with presence in 9 countries in Latin America, with a view to the implementation of the 5G network in Panama. 

The imminent arrival of 5G in the region, which in some cases is already a reality, will bring multiple benefits, such as higher speed, bandwidth, number of connected devices and lower latency, among others. 


How do the parties involved evaluate this alliance?  

According to Flavio Azevedo, NDE & NI IP Manager for South America, Nokia always looks for the most serious and committed companies. "Not only in the technical context, but also in soft skills. It is necessary to be proactive, empathetic and meet the agreed deadlines. In this way, in the relationship with our service providers we look for a technological partner," he says. 

He believes it is key to surround himself "with the best companies with this vision and purpose of providing good service to the end customer. After all, our partners are the 'face' of Nokia to the customer; for us, quality comes first." 

According to Azevedo, we have positioned ourselves over the years as "a reliable partner, contributing greatly to the success of each project, both technically and in terms of customer relations and meeting deadlines. The satisfaction of our end customers and the quality of delivery of products and services are the best indicators of the success of this partnership". 

Juan José Rodríguez, NDE & NI IP Manager for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, referred to the joint work as "a solid alliance focused on outstanding technical results and on the human aspect. Isbel not only delivers high quality services, but also strives to build solid relationships. 

"They have shown constant dedication to each project, with special attention to every detail in order to achieve the goals set as a team," said Rodriguez. He added, "I highlight their commitment and professionalism as an invaluable asset to our team, and I look forward to continuing our collaboration." 

More than 20 people from our team have been involved in this period, with more than 70 projects in total and the intervention of professionals specialized in different areas. 

For Agustín Barriola, our Engineering Services Leader: "The link with Nokia has allowed us to be present in challenging projects and at scales that are not typical for our country. This not only allowed us to gain a lot of experience, but also allowed us to grow professionally in the face of new challenges and territories". 



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