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AI and cloud transforming the customer experience: how to do it according to experts from Avaya and Isbel? 

With more and more customer demand for artificial intelligence (AI)-driven innovation, 'self-paced' cloud migration is taking center stage to deliver efficient and seamless experiences.
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When a customer contacts a company via WhatsApp and then needs to call by phone to follow up, it is frustrating to have to repeat all their data and case information. It is also common that the employees who answer the call do not have the tools to provide an adequate response on the spot. Today, artificial intelligence (AI) and the cloud are revolutionizing the way companies interact with their customers, improving these processes.  

Together with our partner Avaya, a world leader in customer experience solutions, we work to realize the digital transformation among companies that want to take the link with their users to the next level. 

The Avaya Experience Platform solves frustrating situations for customers. It enables seamless omnichannel customer service, so that the customer does not have to repeat their data when changing contact channels. In addition, it provides each agent with a real-time artificial intelligence virtual assistant that guides them to give the best response to each customer, without delays. 

In this way, Avaya is leading the transformation in customer experience in the region, with cutting-edge cloud and AI solutions. 

Solutions for companies of all sizes and "at your own pace". 

In addition to communications investments, enabling cloud-based innovation is a clear path that many organizations of different sizes are embarking on. While migrating solutions to the cloud is key, there is some fear about how operations may be affected during the transition. 

Companies increasingly see their contact centers as a spearhead to generate differentiating experiences for their customers, so ensuring continuity of care and responses is critical. In this sense, Avaya has focused on supporting companies to transform their operations "at their own pace" and without interrupting their successful and proven local systems.  

As more customers want to deploy ChatGPT and other generative AI technologies in their contact centers, they are also looking for integrators who bring it all together. The power of Avaya's solutions combined with our expertise translates into an ideal partnership for frictionless digital transformation. 

Added value to stand out in the market 

"We laid the foundation for growth and have already seen our approach pay off.The revitalized Avaya is investing in and delivering next-generation technology with an 'innovation without disruption' approach," said Alan Masarek, CEO of Avaya , following the company's financial recovery and market momentum since May 2023.  

Avaya's solutions deliver added value, Masarek explained. "Today's leading enterprises and organizations see the opportunity to differentiate themselves and lead their respective industries through differentiated customer experiences by leveraging Avaya's AI-powered cloud solutions, which is spurring customer momentum that we expect will only strengthen in the months and years to come," added the Avaya CEO. 

Uses and applications: how Avaya Experience Platform can help 

Avaya Experience Platform, Avaya's flagship product for contact centers, is an ideal alternative to strengthen the bond with customers and build customer loyalty. Awarded in the category of customer service solutions by the American Business Awards (Stevies), it is a cloud-based solution that enables the creation of memorable experiences for customers and the employees who serve them, from any location. 

With this platform, customers can interact with the brand from the media they are familiar with, without friction. That is to say: a person can communicate with the contact center from WhatsApp and then by phone without having to reiterate their data or the reasons for their query. 

At the same time, it facilitates the work of the agents, who have all the information on a single screen and can provide excellent quality service by any means. 

Thanks to generative AI, each employee has his or her own personalized virtual assistant to guide him or her through customer interactions as they happen. This makes it easier to access information for immediate responses and gives agents more autonomy. In many cases, for example, it saves them from having to consult with a supervisor, which would cause delays in customer service. 

Performance analysis is also simplified by providing tools, feedback and real-time data to help workers achieve key performance indicators (KPIs). The platform has an integrated analytics dashboard to project and monitor historical changes in volume and resource allocation, as well as improve business decisions based on predictions and insights to optimize processes. 

The key role of alliances and working together in the strengths of your solutions  

With Avaya we have a long and successful track record of joint projects that ensure outstanding services for customers and coverage of the Puerto Rico market. 

With 40 years of experience in the region, we are positioned as a reliable partner for all types of companies. In this sense, Nicolás Martínez, our Country Manager for Puerto Rico, highlighted the advantage of these tools. "Together with Avaya, for several years we have been offering implementation plans that arise from working together with our customers. This allows us to analyze their current situation and plan the migration in a way that is convenient for them, with the objective of minimizing the impact on operations," said Martínez.  

At the same time, he referred to the integration of AI tools. "Isbel's technical team is constantly researching new solutions for the integration of communications technologies and generating projects that add value. In this aspect, the advantages of the Avaya Experience Platform tool stand out very favorably," he added. 



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