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Rafael Graulau is the new Country Manager for Puerto Rico.  

Rafael, an information technology expert with more than three decades of accomplishments, will assume leadership of the team and business development in the territories of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.
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With the objective of continuing on our path to consolidate our presence in the Caribbean after our acquisition of Envision, a Puerto Rican company specialized in technology solutions. We are committed to the incorporation of a local leader, Rafael Graulau assumes his role with the commitment to lead the transformation and growth of the company. 

Rafael stands out for his achievements in business growth and his experience in technology management. In his previous role as Chief Information Officer at the Puerto Rico Department of Health, he led the implementation of cloud services and strengthened cybersecurity. In addition, he led IT outsourcing activities at the telecommunications operator Telefónica in Puerto Rico, achieving increased operating margins, highlighting his ability to direct and optimize large-scale technology operations.  

What does this change in your career mean and how are you handling it? 

This change, at this stage of my career, means a great opportunity to return to work in the world of consulting and sales, offering digital solutions to improve the quality of life in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. It also means the opportunity to introduce Isbel's brand in the territory and increase our presence in the market to a higher level. 

 What does the position entail and what are your plans for the medium term? 

The short and medium term plans, in terms of priorities, is to build a winning sales team, dedicated to providing high performance and value-added solutions to our customers. We seek to develop a sales program that is focused on establishing strategic relationships with corporate accounts. In addition, we intend to move away from the conventional sale of telephony and supplies to focus on projects that generate significant impact and tangible benefits for our customers. 

How do you define the company's current situation? 

I would define it as a great challenge, because we have to diversify our portfolio of products and services, grow, strengthen our sales force and establish strategic alliances. Isbel, and the group it integrates, Quantik, have an extensive development in digital transformation and a constant interest in innovating their processes and stay at the forefront of the industry, which is a differential of great value for the territory. 

 What are the main milestones in your career? 

I achieved my dream of becoming a flight engineer in the Air Force, have been very successful as a CIO and Sales Manager and am proud to have implemented large projects that have resulted in increased revenue, reduced expenses and/or added value for customers (external and internal).  



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