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Telco technologies

Telco technologies

What does the digitization of supply chains involve? 

Digitization and automation will be facilitated through the use of private wireless technologies, allowing warehouse operators to transition to more flexible systems that employ a variety of robot vendors.

Telco technologies

Mining of the future 

Due to the nature of mining applications, one of the key technologies for its digital transformation is wireless connectivity. These capabilities are only available with today's 4.9G/LTE and tomorrow's 5G technologies.

oil gas
Telco technologies

Digitalization in the new oil and gas era

Oil and gas companies need to become more efficient, responsible and sustainable to respond to market volatility, changing business conditions and tightening environmental regulations. To succeed and expand, operations need to be digitized, automated and optimized.

private networks education
Telco technologies

Private networks for smart universities 

Private 4.9G/LTE and 5G networks enable education institutions to use 3GPP technologies and new spectrum options to meet the demands of digital and Industry 4.0 applications by supporting new and compelling campus services while driving research, education and collaboration.