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We integrate technology to create superior connection experiences

Malicious, Isbel's first podcast

Ten episodes narrating the cyber-attacks that paralyzed the world.

With the voice of Facundo Macchi, we invite you to know the stories of shocking cybercrimes that crossed digital barriers and changed forever our relationship with the Internet.

Transforming telecommunications

We specialise in digital transformation and applying technology to telecoms to create superior, fast, efficient and personalised experiences.

We promote collaborative work

We design, develop, implement and support the technology your organisation uses.

We facilitate connectivity and collaborative work, both in the cloud and on-site.

We implement infrastructure that drives

We identify, select and install the infrastructure that fits your spaces, ensures operations, optimises costs and drives the growth of your business.

Building connected societies

We understand our role as a bridge between local governments and citizens to build connected and sustainable societies.

We design processes and infrastructure to transform the way people live in their city.

About Isbel

We are part of the Quantik family.

We are headquartered in Montevideo and have offices in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

Our Experience

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