Thousands of years ago – before the printing press, the Internet, and the cellphone – wisdom was passed from person to person by word of mouth. Today, it’s easier for many of us to open up behind a computer screen than to our own mothers or sisters, but back then in many cultures, women once taught their daughters to be wives, mothers, and lovers through parable and example. The wisdom they shared belonged to everyone – a living, breathing testament to the collective experience.

A (very) brief history of collective wisdom.

In many ancient cultures, the tradition holds strong for a young woman to receive guidance and wisdom from her peers and elders– especially where sensuality is concerned – in order for her to be the best wife, lover, and mother she can be. In ancient Viking society and to this very day in Ghana and other parts of the world, the secrets of womanhood are passed from one generation to the next in a private, sacred ceremony that brings women of all ages together in companionship and the commonality of experience. Young women learn truths about sex, marriage, childbirth, relationships, and themselves while strengthening bonds with their sisters and mothers.

Today, the amount of information accumulated through a single lifetime can be conveyed and consumed in the blink of an eye. Technology has put an ocean of information at our fingertips. Many of us spend more time among screens than we do among human faces. As a result, we may be more connected than ever – but much of the subtlety of old-fashioned, crowd-sourced wisdom has been lost at sea. Even the language we use to describe sensuality has changed. And when it comes to a subject as personal and profound as sexual intimacy – without wisdom, we’re all adrift.

One is the loneliest number.

Women have access to a myriad of resources for their roles as mothers and professionals where crowd-sourced tips, tricks, advice, and group support are available 24 hours a day. But for their roles as partners and as sensual creatures, no such resource or support system exists.

Women are then left to face alone a difficult relationship reality. We want happy, sexy marriages, but recent studies have found it only takes 2 years for longing and desire among married couples to transition into companionate love – an experience referred to as ‘hedonic adaptation’. Sexual satisfaction among married couples is on a decline nationwide, and one of every two Americans specifically reports their sex life needs a ‘jump start’.  With that reality, we at Isbel found that 86% of women (that's a lot of us) quietly seek solutions in books, lingerie, or therapy to stoke the embers of desire. We believe there is a better way to a healthy, happy, thriving relationship.

What if we start A NEW CONVERSATION?

But then a spark occurred to a young entrepreneur and strategist from San Francisco that perhaps the most innovative way to advance our understanding and experience of women’s sexual intimacy and sensual living was in a marriage of modern networking and ancient tradition – and the idea for Isbel was born.


Isbel is a new kind of intimacy resource for modern women.

Isbel provides women a private, anonymous community, guides them to intimacy resources and expert opinions on issues they face in their personal relationships, and creates a new kind of learning experience on intimacy and relationships.

With Isbel, each woman is empowered to take charge of her intimate life.


Isbel is a safe and anonymous global community where women can access real wisdom from both peers and experts. Compare experiences, deepen your understanding, and take control of your intimate life.


From innovative products and tips to popular data and relationship advice – Isbel carefully vets and verifies the information shared within our collective community so we can all begin to separate myth and misinformation from scientific fact and truth.


At Isbel, we’ll help you discover and explore your sensual style by connecting you with tips, products, and wisdom curated just for you. Through story and discovery, you’ll gain insight that will help you reach new heights of self awareness, confidence, and of course – pleasure.


Share Your Story. Create a Legacy.
Teach The Next Generation.

What we create together is not just for us. The data, information, advice, and wisdom we collect and develop within the pages of Isbel are designed to be a resource for generations of women to come. Isbel aims to be a global, experiential library – a longitudinal and personal record of the female sexual experience.

From mother to daughter, from sister to sister, from
us to you – Isbel is the bright, beautiful future of intimacy.


Do you find it difficult to express yourself when it comes to matters of the bedroom?

  Are you seeking a deeper stronger connection with your partner?

  Are you looking to spark a new flame but worried about how to approach intimacy?

  Have you ever felt awkward or uncomfortable discussing the particulars of your body, intimate life, or desires?

Do you wonder if you are missing out on a deeper,
richer, more pleasurable way to experience life?

The desire for a satisfying, enriching intimate life is not only natural – it’s
healthy! Don’t settle for good enough.

Take control of your intimate life.


We see a future where communication among women opens the door to communication between partners – and stronger intimacy for all. We are unlocking the secrets to intimacy as we bust the myths that hold us back. And as a result, we are making women stronger, relationships stronger, and creating happier, healthier lives.


People are already talking about Isbel.
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“discover true intimacy”
“no secrets here”

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