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Sustainable technology for your structured cabling network

Green Solutions: innovation, performance and more sustainability

Sustainability has become a cross-cutting issue for the telecommunications industry.

With infrastructure that consumes less plastic and energy, built with renewable resources, Furukawa' s Green solutions for structured cabling are a great ally.

A new opportunity for sustainable products and practices

More and more companies understand that their sustainability and social responsibility policies are key to their internal and external reporting and evaluation. To this end, they are implementing practices that contribute to the environment and, in several cases, generate business opportunities.

Some address the issue within workspaces and everyday activities, but we can also find alternatives in the manufacture of products that put sustainability as the main driver for change.

structured cabling

A reliable and efficient product line

All products in Furukawa's Green line maintain the brand's standard of reliability. They are created in compliance with RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) recommendations, which limit the use of heavy chemicals in electrical equipment.

The Green cable is made from ethanol, derived from sugar cane with an LSZH ( low smoke zero halogen) jacket.

It is on average 10% smaller in diameter than standard cables on the market, which reduces the infrastructure footprint and provides more flexibility in installation.

In addition, 1 tonne of Green resin captures 2.5 tonnes ofCO2 from the environment.

More protection for life

Less smoke and zero toxic gas emissions

LSZH materials minimise the threat to life in the event of fire.

Less damage to health

With less smoke, it is easier and quicker to identify the exit route. In addition, the non-emission of toxic gases reduces the risk of asphyxiation.


Get to know Green solutions

CAT 6 and CAT 6A cables and patch cords in green polyethylene

cable green

Laserway: eco-friendly optical networks

This green optical networking solution reduces energy consumption by up to 70%.

In addition to electronic equipment that consumes less energy, there is also a reduction in auxiliary infrastructure, lighting, ventilation and cooling systems, among others.

It also saves 87% on plastic compared to a standard network, because it means up to 70% savings on cables.

This is because the cables are coated with plastic: by using fewer metres of cable, plastic consumption is also reduced.

Potential LEED score

LEED certification (translated as Leader in Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Design) recognises the use of sustainable strategies in all building processes, based on eco-efficiency standards and sustainability requirements.

*Procurement not guaranteed or implied.

green sustainability solutions

We help to make sustainability the flagship of your project

In Isbel we work with Furukawa in projects in Latin America to advise and implement sustainable technology solutions for structured cabling networks.

Green solutions are ideal for corporate environments and data centres.

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