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Investing in information security?

Businesses have increased their investment in technology, including information security. But is this the smartest investment?
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In recent times, in the context of the pandemic, companies have increased their investment in technology. This investment includes what they spend on information security: web security, endpoint security, network security, vulnerability scanning, pentests, among others.

In particular, investment in this area was expected to increase by 10 per cent over the previous year, according to Canalys. In addition, a market valuation of 60.2 billion dollars was expected. According to Karspersky, in Latin America during 2021 the cybersecurity budget increased for 59% of companies, despite cuts due to COVID-19.

Acquire new technology or train teams?

Canalys ' forecast shows investments in certain technologies. Thus, we deduce that the biggest investment is in the technology itself, rather than in awareness and training about good practices and malpractice risks.

According to an ESET analysis, in Latin America, social engineering incidents account for a fifth of the total, while 37 per cent of companies train regularly, as they tend to see users as the weakest link. Meanwhile, the top security controls implemented by organisations are anti-malware solutions (86 per cent), firewalls (75 per cent) and backup solutions (68 per cent).

The real investment: a proactive approach

The real investment in cyber security should be in people. The chain is only as strong as its weakest link. It is no use having the best lock for our door if we leave it open when we walk through. As long as there is no adequate investment in training and awareness-raising for company employees, security incidents will continue to grow, as human error is just a click away. At the end of the day, every IT system is operated by people.

From Isbel we raise awareness and promote good practices so that both our customers have the best technology to operate safely and their employees perform in the best possible way from the point of view of information security.

A first step in finding out where your organisation stands is diagnosis, and this is one of the areas where we can help.


Daniel AlanoProduct Line Analyst at Networking & Security.

Daniel specialises in information security management(UNIT-ISO/IEC 27000 and 27001) and is a certified ethical hacker(EC-Council).



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