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Hello, Envision!

Welcome to Isbel

We are the technology integrator of Quantik Group. We have headquarters in Uruguay and presence in several Latin American countries.

In 2022 we acquired Envision to strengthen the presence of both companies in the Caribbean, enhance our service offering and become a benchmark for technology solutions in the region.

Why Envision?

At Envision, we found an opportunity to grow. We highlighted our similar profiles, strengths, shared corporate values and the context of the company, which were key points to seal the deal.

What is the impact of this acquisition?

For our collaborators

Envision employees join a company certified as a Great Place To Workwhose way of working is marked by the quality of its processes, strategic planning and a customer-focused culture.

For the people of Envision, the arrival of Isbel translates into the opportunity to grow professionally and be part of high-performance teams.

We will work to boost local and regional capabilities.

For our customers

For our customers, it means world-class pre-sales, support and quality processes, as well as access to a broader portfolio of services.

In addition, they will have the backing of a corporate group with more than 40 years of experience in Latin America and the Caribbean.

For our partners

For our partners, this change means strengthening our commercial alliances and the possibility of accessing a greater volume of business in territories in the Caribbean region.

They will also have as a counterpart a technical staff reinforced with more professionals who are already familiar with the brands.

Meet Isbel

We specialise in digital transformation and applying technology to telecoms to create superior, fast, efficient and personalised experiences.

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About Envision

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We are present in Latin America and the Caribbean

Offices in Uruguay, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

Local presence in Mexico, Peru, Colombia and Colombia. 

Virgin Islands (U.S.).