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Cisco appoints us as their local partner with a focus on information security

Cisco chooses us for a partnership that seeks to improve information security in companies in Uruguay
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In recent years, cyber incidents have increased. With pandemics and telecommuting becoming the norm, companies' vulnerabilities have been exposed. According to Cisco research, recovering from these situations requires proactive measures.

However, organisations still do not see information security management as part of their structure: in Uruguay, 45% of companies lack a specialised cybersecurity area, and they tend to react after suffering serious incidents.

A key partnership to strengthen and prevent cyber-attacks

This year, Cisco, a world leader in IT and networking, is betting on Isbel as a key partner for the development of cybersecurity in Uruguay. In recent months, we have been working together with the brand through training and certification programmes with the aim of helping organisations to strengthen the security of their computer systems and, above all, to protect them against any threat.

The ability to prevent incidents and losses appears to depend heavily on an effective security infrastructure, backed by an agile response capability.

"From day one we realised that Isbel has a clear vision of where the industry is moving, which is digital transformation and the adoption of hybrid working models for its employees," says John Aguilar, Cisco's cybersecurity specialist for Latin America. He adds that the company has had training sessions with Isbel and that "they are very up to date; you can see that they want to help their clients adopt these new technologies in a secure way".

For his part, Alejandro Draper, Product Line Manager of our Networking & Security area, points out: "Attackers are always innovating; we must do the same. As part of this alliance, which makes us very happy, from Isbel we installed the test mode of the Cisco Umbrellatool".

Umbrella provides the first line of defence against internet threats no matter where users are located. "By analysing DNS requests, Umbrella proactively blocks attempts to connect to potentially malicious destinations," explains Draper.

We cannot protect what we cannot see

Cisco Talos is the threat intelligence group of more than 250 skilled engineers and 600 software engineers dedicated to analysing and detecting new and sophisticated malware.

According to Cisco research, an organisation's ability to recover from unexpected events (such as the COVID-19 pandemic) is underpinned by an up-to-date, high-performing security programme, maintained by trained personnel and with strong accountability from the organisation's leadership.

Based in Silicon Valley, one of Cisco's core strengths is cybersecurity, leading the industry with solutions such as Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), Extended Detection and Response (XDR) and Zero Trust. These three elements are combined in Cisco SecureX, the security platform that connects Cisco Secure solutions to organisations' infrastructure.

This cloud-based system provides simplicity (integrates with the technology the organisation already uses), visibility (uses dashboards to detect and investigate threats) and efficiency (reduces time to correct and automate workflows, lower costs and strengthen security).

In addition, Cisco SecureX integrates with Cisco Umbrella, which, as a secure internet gateway, provides the first line of defence against internet threats no matter where users are located. By analysing patterns of internet activity, Umbrella proactively blocks requests to malicious destinations before a connection is established. It works in the cloud and is therefore quick and easy to deploy. Umbrella trial versions are the perfect opportunity to promote security in organisations.



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