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Business intelligence to the next level with MicroStrategy

Technology applied to business that facilitates day-to-day operations: hyper-intelligence.
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Business intelligence (BI), the technology applied to business, has been gaining momentum for a few decades now, and the advances are becoming faster and more significant. The quest to optimise work processes has resulted in a participant that promises to make this world much more efficient: hyperintelligence.  

business intelligence team meeting

With HyperIntelligence technology, designed by the American company MicroStrategy, it is no longer necessary to waste time searching for information manually. Now, we can access valuable data by placing the cursor over the words that the tool detects and highlights, within the browser or application we are using (such as the name of an employee, company, article, etc.). 

Let's say you work in a company that sells smartphones. If the word "mobile" appears in an online report or on any intranet site, simply hovering your cursor over this word will display a box with useful indicators, such as the number of devices sold that week, last week's inventory, comparative sales ratios from one week to the next, and so on. This facilitates access to relevant information in real time and immediate decision making, two key points for business intelligence

Mauricio Pargman, Sales Manager at Isbel, commented that "users highlight that the real value of this software lies not only in saving time in searching for information, but also in presenting data that may not have been taken into account and improving strategic decisions".

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